phone picz #3

The reason why I live


Where bacon truly comes from.

Life is burritoful.


Tell me again why I don't live in this apartment building?

I keep it cute drinking my vodka from cute cups.

It looks cute now, eating sweets and playing Jenga... until it falls and spills your water everywhere.

My favorite song to sing to while doing Karaoke.

My morning work stating.

...I wonder how much gas that thing spends.

Best ring ever.

Here is a picture of my ugly feet by the pool.

Something to eat while you pray.

"St. Karen's Day": Saint Patrick's Day + Karen's birthday celebration (1 months too late).

"You're going to have beer for the next month!"

lol jk

You know you make me wanna... SHOUT!

Unwanted visitor that crawled secretly around my closet for 3 days before I found it sunbathing by my window.

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