dimanche des rameaux

On Sunday, I went to church for the second time this year. I know, I know... I'm that "type" of Catholic. Am I even Catholic?

It was Palm Sunday so I spent most of mass doing little crosses with the palm leaves provided. I know, I know... I'm horrible.

Aside from becoming an artisan, going to mass was like taking a little break. It was an hour spent thinking, and an hour that I didn't spend looking at some sort of screen (television, computer, cellphone, camera, iPod, THEY'RE EVERYWHERE!).

I started dozing off and looked around the architecture of the church (which wasn't impressive... at all) and I reminded myself how much I admired the French Gothic chapter/section/whatever when I took an Art History class. When I arrived home, I immediately searched for Gothic cathedrals in Miami and there really aren't many, but I did find that we have a medieval Spanish monastery that was brought and rebuilt from Spain (cool, no?).

If there were any Gothic cathedrals close to me, I'd be so motivated to go to church.

the last two pictures were found through google

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