31 August 2013

Here are some scans from a Bauhaus book I rented from my university.
Lately I've been more than inspired by architecture/furniture/interior design.

This is the kitchen of Haus am Horn, a model house produced by Georg Muche. 1923.

Tea Infuser MT 49, designed by Marianne Brandt in her first year of apprenticeship. 1924.

Of course, the Wassily Chair B 3 by Marcel Breuer. The final form of the chair was made in 1927/28.

The notes on this page were left by someone who previously rented this book. I chose to post this picture because I'm always intrigued by notes left behind, and can't help but wonder who it was that wrote it, how long ago they wrote, and their intentions.

Bauhaus building in Dessau. 1925/26.

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