So far, this year hates seeing me in a car. I sold my old car (awe), but then I got a super upgrade when I bought a new car (yay!). My mom's car has some problem that apparently no mechanic in the universe can fix and it's broken repeatedly this year, which means she takes my car to work and leaves me to hitchhike my way home (boo).
Today, after being at school since the early hours of the AM, I just couldn't find it in myself to stay at school any longer. I couldn't find a ride home from a friend and waiting for my parents would have taken forever. Therefore, I decided to go on a little adventure by taking the... *drum roll* public bus!
Aside from the humid weather 90% of the time, multiple ghetto neighborhoods, and obnoxiously loud people, Miami has to have the ugliest and worst public transportation system ever. Taking the bus somewhere is never an option for me, it just isn't. 
Seeing as I posted earlier that I wanted to remember this month and blah blah blah, I decided to go onto a little adventure and take the bus. I'm a twitter fanatic, so I obviously live-tweeted the whole thing. 
First, comes the negation of the idea to take the bus. It's the part in me that instantly cancels out taking the bus as even an option.

Then, I start thinking about the possibility about actually taking the bus, but I find another reason to stop it from actually happening.

After some Google research and determination to get home (to sleep and eat, obviously), I decide to actually go ahead and take the bus. I get cash and head to the station. My feelings...

After waiting for like 20 agonizing minutes of people sneezing/coughing, and openly exposed to heat, the bus arrives and it's the moment of truth.

I'm inside the bus, and it's not as bad as I thought. It's cold and there aren't that many weirdos. Suddenly, I see people pulling a yellow rope when they want to get off. At this point, I'm freaking out thinking I'm going to end up in Hialeah (another name for Cuba) because I don't know when to pull the yellow string so I can transfer into a second bus.

Luckily, the stop I needed to get off at was fairly popular—thank God, the angels, Buddha, and my little pony! Suddenly, one of the guys who got off my bus immediately starts running and I see that the bus I have to transfer to is pulling up to its stop. So, this happens...

After that, I made it home safe and with enough experience to take the bus again
...which I'm hoping will not happen soon.

Happy March!

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