Happy New Year!

2011 has been one of my favorite years yet.
To celebrate an ending to a wonderful year,
I'm going to do a little recap of some things that happened.

I started off the year with family and friends.

I attended a good amount of Art Walks

Headed to Key Largo to celebrate Valerie's birthday.

Grand Central became a common spot for weekend nights.

Jennifer and Dylan came to visit.

and then, I visited them!

Spent a weekend at West Palm Beach with my family.

Saw Interpol perform a second time.

I became an American citizen!

I spent two weeks in Colombia.

Spent a day in Key West.

Went to my first tailgate.

Visited friends in Orlando again.

I didn't know what my costume was for Halloween.

I had a good amount of picnics this year, including a Chinese take-out picnic.

Partook in Art Basel events.

Spent some time in Boston.

I also spent some time in Washington DC (I'll blog about it soon).

Christmas with my family was filled with love and happiness.

Christmas with my friends was a memorable one as well.

I hope 2011 was a great year for you, and hope 2012 is even better!

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